Rising Spirals Reiki is located in Everett, WA and is an integrative mindset with the intent to balance the heart, mind, soul and physical and energetic body.  It is about reconnections, inner and outer communication and most of all, hope.  Harmonizing the mind and body energetically increases overall wellbeing.

It is about declaring our intentions to the world and to the Universe that we are whole, healthy, peaceful, calm individuals who lead abundant, happy lives.

According to Unlocking the Healing Code by Dr. Bruce Forciea, the body needs 4 kinds of communication in order to heal.  1) Touch 2) Sound 3) Connection to the Universe (Intuitive connection) 4) Molecular Support.

1024x1024-597165Reiki is an excellent form of TOUCH.  Acutonics, music, gongs, crystal bowls or humming during Reiki sharings provide SOUND vibrations that communicate with the cells.  Naturopaths or holistic practitioners are able to prescribe herbs, homeopathics, diet advice and other elements are excellent methods of MOLECULAR SUPPORT.  Intuitive messages from Ascended Reiki Masters, Spirit Guides, the Universe, Universal archetypes, etc. channeled during Reiki sessions provide the INTUITIVE CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSE.

At Rising Spirals Reiki I am able to provide the TOUCH, SOUND and INTUITIVE support that cells need to come into balance.

I believe that at conception we are each given the keys to a kingdom—a kingdom that is our life.  Life challenges, both the highs and lows, exist to help us learn to rule our kingdom in a peaceful and balanced way as well as to cooperate with and interact with the kingdoms of others.

To prepare my kingdom, I earned a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2003 and a Master’s level Certificate of Spiritual Direction.  I completed a professional internship at Compass Health in Snohomish County, WA in 2002 – 3 and am a Reiki Master Teacher.  I received my Reiki Master training in September, 2008 from William Lee Rand and became a Reiki Master teacher in January, 2009.  I earned a Level I/II Practitioner certificate in The Reconnection in November, 2008 and have been an Acutonics Practitioner since 2009.

I see mental illness as damage to the energetic self and as a lack of connection between the self, the Higher Self and the Universe. As an abuse survivor, I am especially interested in helping people with dissociative disorders.

What people are saying about Rising Spirals Reiki:

“I had a profound healing experience in this supportive workshop while also learning this beautiful healing method of  (Karuna) Reiki.” (06/03/12)

A Reiki I student commented, in response to the question, “Was this class valuable to you as a practitioner?”
”Yes, especially to other doctors as Reiki would and could be a very effective and cost effective method for people to experience immediate results. I will personally use it in my practice for overstimulated symptoms, nervous symptoms and stress-induced symptoms.”

“Very enlightening–great to hear history and basics of Chakras.  Best part was the actual hands-on — both receiving and experiencing others receive (Reiki).”
”An excellent way to learn & experience energy work.”
”Remarkable!  I was not sure what to expect, and what I got was a renewed sense of voice, and its connection (to) everyone and everything.”

Rising Spirals Reiki  hosts two Reiki Meet-ups a month.
The first Wednesday of each month from 7 – 9 PM
The 3rd Saturday of each month from 6 – 8 PM

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